Elections Closed

We are currently in the process of selecting 6 new Global CAA Board Member positions and a new Global CAA Auditor. The auditor is independent of the Board, overseeing its financial reporting.

The new 6 Board Members join the current alumni Board Members who stay in position for another 1-2 years or the three permanent CEMS stakeholder representatives for the CEMS Students, CEMS Schools and the CEMS Executive Director.

Click on the titles to read about the role, qualifications and expected time to perform these non-profit Board Member roles.

    1. Global CEMS Alumni Association (CAA) President
    1. CAA Vice-President for CEMS Strategic Stakeholders and Corporate Relations
    1. CAA Vice-President for Strategy and Business Development
    1. CAA Global Alumni Community Engagement Chair
    1. CAA Branding, Marketing & Communications Chair
    1. CAA Strategic Events, Programs and Global Initiatives Chair
    1. CAA Auditor

Apply as soon as possible 

We have a couple of positions opening up this month for Local Committees. Newly elected Board Members are invited to CAA General Assembly on Saturday 3 December in Stockholm. We are looking for new teams/ team members in:

      1. Brazil
      2. Canada
      3. Chile
      4. Czech Republic
      5. Denmark
      6. Ireland
      7. Norway
      8. Spain
      9. Sweden

If you are interested to join any of the other 23 CAA Local Committees6 Global Groups or join our new initiative CEMS Corporate Partner Groups, feel free to reach out too. Current Board Members are often interested to expand their teams.

If you are interested to found a Local Committee in a country where it does not exist yet or a new Global Group or CEMS Corporate Partner Group, contact or

The CEMS Alumni Global Network is powered and supported by dedicated CEMS Alumni!

The CEMS Alumni Association (CAA) is the official representative body of the CEMS alumni global network, engaging internationally minded individuals with a curiosity to discover cultures, different perspectives and environments. Since its foundation in 1993, the CAA has represented close to 11,000 CEMS alumni from 96 nationalities, working in 75+ countries, speaking 60+ languages.

30  Local Committees, 6 Global Groups, 250+ Alumni events each year and more…

The CAA is present in each country through Local Committees (LCs). Today there are 30 LCs worldwide in 5 continents. In addition, a growing number of Alumni also connect with each other through Global Groups such as CEMS Entrepreneurs, CEMS International Development; or through CEMS Alumni networks within CEMS Corporate Partners.

Do not be afraid, your CEMS experience is not over, being a CEMS alum is for a lifetime and as a non-profit Board Member in our Association, you can be part of something more and make a difference!