Dear ,

This is a confirmation we have received your 2015 annual membership contribution.

It gives us immense pleasure you have decided to become part of the global CEMS Alumni Association (CAA) active member network and contribute to its success as a 2015 member and hopefully for many years to come! An inclusive, dynamic, and powerful network, we:

  1. Create and maintain friendly lasting contact with and between our almost 10,000 CEMS Alumni;
  2. Provide exclusive access to a professional network and opportunities for our members;
  3. Promote the CEMS MIM degree and the CEMS experience and brand globally.

Whilst the CAA is led centrally by a global volunteer Board and a small full-time office, it is present in over 30 countries through our Local Committees (LCs) made up of volunteer CEMS Alumni representatives. Alumni LCs offer unforgettable, unparalleled, local, regional and global events where alumni from all over the world meet in exceptional locations to network, socialize, and have fun! You can find all contact details of your nearest Alumni LC here: LC Contact Information .

In addition to a wide and easily accessible network, for your contribution, we would like to offer you a variety of tools and services to help serve you wherever you are in your life:

  1. Powerful career services and the entire CAA network at your fingertips: (1) The Online CEMS Global Advisory & Mentoring Platform ; (2) The Student Alumni Mentoring Program; (3) The Annual CEMS Career Forum; (4) The Online Job Market;
  2. Critical material for networking & staying up-to-date: (1) The CEMS Who’s Who Directory; (2) The CEMS Magazine; (3) CEMS eNewsletters;
  3. Discounted rates to exclusive LC Events with Corporate Partners such as ABB, McKinsey&Company, and Henkel and to social events like the Viennese CEMS Waltzing Days.

For more details on these initiatives, check out


Feel free to contact the office at or the Board at if you have any comments, questions, or concerns; and, once again, thank you for your support.

Welcome to the family.


Your CEMS Alumni Association Board & Office

Guillaume Klossa, Roland Siegers, Paul Wilman, Vivian Kap, Elmar Friedrich, Igor Nishimura, Vadim Gerstein, Ben Simsa, Michael Studer, Merve Onbas, Wieteke Dupain, Kimiya Oshikoji, Ning-Hsuan Yen