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 Global Groups
CEMS Worldwide: Facebook
CEMS Entrepreneurs: E-mail | Facebook | LinkedIn 
CEMS Job Opportunity: Facebook
CEMS International Development: E-mail | Facebook | LinkedIn
CEMS Private Equity/VC/M&A: E-mail LinkedIn
CEMS Women in Business & Leadership: LinkedIn
CEMS Ph.Ds: E-mailLinkedIn
CEMS Runners: E-mail | Facebook
CEMS Business Development: E-mail | LinkedIn

CEMS Alumni Association Local Committees and other Local Groups
CEMS Alumni Africa: Facebook
LC Australia: 
E-mail | Facebook | LinkedIn
LC Austria: E-mail | Facebook | LinkedIn
LC Belgium: E-mail | Facebook | LinkedIn 
LC Brazil: E-mail | FacebookLinkedIn
LC Chile: E-mail | Facebook
LC Czech Republic: E-mail | FacebookLinkedIn
LC Denmark: E-mail | Facebook | LinkedIn
LC Finland: E-mail | Facebook| LinkedIn
LC France: E-mail | Facebook| LinkedIn 
LC Germany: E-mail | Facebook | Facebook (PIM&CEMS) | LinkedIn
Germany- Berlin: E-mail | Facebook
Germany- Cologne: E-mail | Facebook 
Germany- Düsseldorf: E-mail | Facebook
Germany- Frankfurt: E-mail | Facebook
Germany- Hamburg: E-mail | Facebook
Germany- Munich: E-mail | Facebook | LinkedIn
LC Hong Kong: E-mail | FacebookLinkedIn
LC Hungary: E-mailFacebook | LinkedIn
LC India: E-mail | Facebook
LC Ireland: E-mail | Facebook | LinkedIn
LC Istanbul: E-mail | Facebook | LinkedIn
LC Italy: E-mail | Facebook | LinkedIn
CEMS Alumni Israel: Facebook
CEMS Alumni Japan: LinkedIn
LC Luxembourg: E-mail | Facebook 
LC Mexico: E-mail 
LC Netherlands: E-mail | Facebook | LinkedIn
Netherlands- Amsterdam: Facebook 
LC Norway: E-mail | Facebook | LinkedIn
LC Poland: E-mail | Facebook | LinkedIn
LC Portugal: E-mail | Facebook | LinkedIn
LC Russia: E-mail | Facebook | LinkedIn
CEMS Alumni China: LinkedIn
CEMS Alumni Beijing: LinkedIn
LC Shanghai: E-mailLinkedIn
LC Singapore: E-mail | Facebook | LinkedIn
LC Spain: E-mail | Facebook | LinkedIn
LC Sweden: E-mail | Facebook | LinkedIn
LC Switzerland: E-mail | Facebook | LinkedIn
CEMS Alumni in UAE (Dubai): Facebook
E-mail | Facebook | LinkedIn
LC USA – New York: E-mail | Facebook | LinkedIn 
LC USA – San Francisco/ Silicon Valley: E-mail | Facebook

If you want to become the founder of a new Alumni Local Committee contact us here! We can create a professional e-mail address for you and help you to start up.