The CEMS Alumni global network comprises of 13,000+ alumni of 103 nationalities, living in 100+ countries, and speaking 60+ languages. It is by far the most diverse and international alumni group in the world. Our network is incredibly valuable and these statistics recapitulate our common commitment to excellence and making a difference as (young) leaders around the world.

CEMS Alumni Profile
Current Employment
  • 97% are employed, 32% work and 50% have worked for CEMS corporate partners
  • 76% work for multinationals, 36% work in a company of 50,000+ employees
  • 49% work abroad, 69% work with 2-3 foreign languages daily
Salary and Level of Responsibility
  • Average salary: € 87,000 (based on 6 year average professional experience after graduation)
  • 54% have a continental and/or international level of responsibility
    • 70 %

       of those that found a job through CEMS, found it through a CEMS personal contact, Career Forum, MIM Programme element (eg. Business Project), or Job Market. 

    • 97%

      would recommend the CEMS experience to others

    Statistics are based on the Student and Alumni Survey conducted in September 2014 and Graduate Survey in 2015.