The CEMS Alumni Association is a non-profit organisation. We are currently financed partially through CEMS, partially through our Alumni Association members, donors and a few corporate sponsors, mostly those who support a couple of our events. We thank ABB, McKinsey, Google and Deloitte for their support in 2015 and 2016.

We want to thank all our donors and sponsors for their contributions. Only based on your donations we have been able to build this CEMS Alumni Association website this year, a long requested tool by our alumni. Coming year we are answering upon your feedback to build a new user-friendly online directory, job market and community platform. We could still use some funds for this. We hope we can build on your support!

Another request that has comes to us from mostly the more senior alumni is to investigate the option to set-up a fund to raise scholarships for students who can otherwise not afford to study the CEMS Master in International Management program. If you are interested to help in this project or in donating to this fund in case it would be set up, please contact us at