Reconnect with CEMS and CEMS students through the CEMS Business Project

The CEMS Business Project reinforces the partnership between CEMS Universities, CEMS Corporate Partners and CEMS Alumni in jointly shaping international management education. Within the CEMS Curriculum, every CEMS student has to do a Business Project (today 1,150+ CEMS students each year), Business Projects are a consulting-like project with real life learning experience for students. They are designed to develop students’ project management, result orientation and international teamwork skills. Solving a concrete problem within a given time frame is core to this experience.

Companies, often manned by CEMS Alumni, contribute by providing an appropriate business problem, ideally related to international strategy issues, and give access to the necessary information. The amount of time spent on the project is not predefined; it depends on the requirements of the project. The project is overseen and tutored by the company/ CEMS Alumni and a professor in parallel.

The international CEMS Business Project:

  • Student consultant teams consist of approximately 3-5 master students working in a part-time capacity
  • Duration of the project runs in parallel to the CEMS term at the university, usually from February/March to the end of April/May.
  • The team work is generally done offsite; if requested however the student consultants can perform execute their work on site on an in-house type arrangement

End results of the project need to be presented at the university; the team can also be asked to present at the company additionally in front of an audience of your choice. The CEMS business project is your access to CEMS talent!

Benefits for Alumni


  • Personal and skills development o Team management, coaching, project management
  • Access to a passionate worldwide team of pro bono junior consultants
  • Extend the results you can deliver and the impact your company
  • Networking opportunities
  • Giving back to students – remember your CEMS Business Project!


  • Recruiting and (employer) branding tool for your company on campus
  • Chance to gain different perspectives on an organizational challenge / results
  • Access to the latest research on the topic  
  • Intrapreneurship – creating cooperation between business and academia
  • Company influence on the CEMS curriculum
  • Reflecting positively on the company brand and showing the commitment of the company to education and future employees

Success Stories

CEMS Corporate Partner: A.T. Kearney & University of Economics Prague

A.T. Kearney provided the students with a unique opportunity to get valuable hands-on consulting experience and insights into new industries. Over the period of 12 weeks, four teams sought to create a go-to-market strategy for a new joint venture in the utility and telecoms industries from scratch. Specifically, the students focused on the new segment of smart technologies that would bring new revenue streams to the companies, increasing comfort of life and decreasing the cost of living for households, e.g. smart homes. During the project, they quickly adapted and grasped unfamiliar industries, learned how to create and use frameworks and improve communication and negotiation skills. During the three month project the teams held regular bi-weekly review meetings and weekly status calls. In addition, A.T. Kearney deployed three mentors to train the students on how to write and present their work with maximum impact.

    Martin Strnad, CEMS Alumni, Class of 2011 VSE and University of St. Gallen

    During the Business Project we collaborated with a group of talented students on the topic of the Internet of Things and its impact for the Telecommunications and Utility industries. This was our second project in a row and we have been very satisfied with the overall cooperation. We would be delighted to participate in the Business Project again next year.

    Success Stories

    CEMS Social Partner: Transparency International & Stockholm School of

    A group of students from the Stockholm School of Economics helped Transparencia Venezuela, TI’s chapter in Venezuela, to develop a crowdfunding campaign in the United States. They provided an assessment of the most suitable crowdfunding platforms for Transparencia Venezuela’s work and a checklist on how to launch a campaign. They developed a concept for fundraising from the public that shows people very concretely the impact of their donation.

    Mercedes de Freitas, TI Board Member and Executive Director of Transparencia Venezuela

    The concept and the information the students compiled for us will be of great use, not only for our crowdfunding campaign in the US, but also for other future projects. The students work is excellent, extremely useful and can be inspiring for other chapters.