Vincenzo Belpiede

Meet Vincenzo Belpiede, nominee for the CEMS Alumni of the Year 2016 election. Vincenzo graduated from CEMS in 2007 from Università Bocconi with his exchange at Aalto University School of Business. He is currently the CEO of Stellup, a mobile app developer startup in San Francisco, USA.

How would you describe yourself in a tweet?

CEO @Stellupapp = mobile alumni networking & crowdfunding! Italian, lived in 9 countries 3 continents now California. Ex @Nokia / @Microsoft.

CEMS 2007, Bocconi University/ Aalto University School of Business

What are the three most important things that have personally shaped you?

Living for 6 months in 9 countries (Italy, Mexico, Serbia, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, China, California & Hungary). Working in 2 large tech corporations like Nokia & Microsoft for 7 years. Starting Stellup from scratch & growing it to a team of 12 people, with customers all over the world.

How did the CEMS network contribute to your professional achievements?

Thanks to CEMS I participated in a business project with Nokia in 2007 at Helsinki School of Economics which I led & won. That opened the door to my dream job at my dream company: a leadership program at Nokia that allowed me to relocate from Finland, to Germany, China and California in 2 years.

What advice would you give current CEMS students?

Work on something you love so that you don’t have to “work” a day in your life.

Read Steve Jobs & Elon Musk bios.

Be with founders who have done it before and absorb their knowledge.

Visit San Francisco and Silicon Valley but know that you don’t need to do everything there in order to be successful.