The CEMS Magazine is distributed once a year. It is published online. In addition, an in-print Magazine is distributed across the global to all:

      • CEMS students, corporate and school representatives;
      • CEMS alumni who are a lifelong or annual members of the CEMS Alumni Association.

CEMS Alumni with annual or lifelong membership to the CEMS Alumni Association receive a copy of the CEMS magazine delivered to their home address.

Click here to become an Annual Member or here to become a Lifelong Member. Or here to learn more about other member benefits.

CEMS Magazine 2017


CEMS Magazine 2016

The Culture Issue


CEMS Magazine 2015

Intrapreneurial Issue

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CEMS Magazine 2014

Sustainability Issue

CEMS Magazine 2014 Spring

Innovation Issue

CEMS Magazine 2013 Autumn

The story of CEMS told by its members!


CEMS Magazine 2013 Spring

Leadership: theories and practices in today’s world