What the CEMS Alumni Association offers:

  • Powerful career services and the entire 10,000+ CAA network at your fingertips through, amongst others: (1) the online CEMS Global Advisory & Mentoring Platform; (2) the Student Alumni Mentoring Program; (3) the annual CEMS Career Forum; (4) the online job market
  • Critical material for your networking & staying up-to-date: (1) CEMS Directory; (2) the CEMS Magazine; (3) CEMS eNewsletters
  • Discounted rates to exclusive local alumni events with Corporate Partners such as ABB, McKinsey, Google, Shell, and Henkel and to social events like the Viennese CEMS Waltzing Day

Your contribution will be used, amongst others, to ensure:

  • Sustainability of the CEMS Alumni Association, including staff and office materials
  • Build of a website specific for CEMS Alumni with a clear overview of all events and services available to you
  • Creation of a CEMS Alumni Ambassadors program at CEMS Corporate Partners to increase the number of job opportunities shared and available to CEMS Alumni
  • Creation and continued improvement of valuable services to CEMS Alumni and Students. For example, the Global Advisory & Mentoring Platform (GAMP), launched in 2014 to provide free online and international mobile access to knowledge, advise and mentoring, is supported by your contribution. We hope to increase the number of career services and personal development opportunities and discounts we can offer to you even more in 2015 and going forward
  • Improved, more user-friendly CEMS job market for Alumni
  • Funds to manage financial risk for volunteer Board members when organising large events globally and locally
  • Organisation of the annual General Assembly (GA) for Local Committees, Professional Groups and Interest Groups elected representatives and central support to the current network of 30+ Committees and Groups. At the GA representatives vote on the annual CAA budget and proposals put forward by members, discuss strategic priorities globally and locally and set operational roadmaps to succeed
  • Promotion of the CEMS brand to increase its reputation and the value of the CEMS MIM degree and Alliance to benefit Alumni and CEMS partners
  • Amongst others…
Local Committee to join

Please note that it takes approximately 48 hours for the cems.org database to recognize you as a paying members if you pay via Paypal. If you wish to start using the contributing member benefits immediately, please pay here.