More than a membership… 

Founded in 1993, the CEMS Alumni Association (CAA) is here for your continual support wherever you are in your life. An inclusive, dynamic, and powerful network, we give our alumni members value through, amongst others:

  • Creating and maintaining friendly lasting contacts between our close to 11,000 CEMS Alumni and other CEMS stakeholders 
  • Providing a professional network and opportunities
  • Promoting the CEMS MIM, CEMS experience and brand in general

Membership in the CEMS Alumni Association makes you part of the CEMS alumni family and cements your ties to other alumni and friends – 30CEMS Schools, 1,200 CEMS Students, 70+ CEMS Corporate and Social Partners.


    The entire global 11,000 CEMS alumni network at your fingertips through:

    CEMS Student & Alumni Directories

    NB: With the support of the CEMS Global Alliance and our CEMS Alumni Association members we are currently building a new online CEMS alumni community, with a more user-friendly alumni directory. This new platform will be launched in 2017.

    CEMS Alumni Groups on Social Media

    CEMS Alumni Events

    • CEMS Alumni Association members receive free access or discounted rates to participate in all events organised by CEMS, the Global CAA Board and staff, Local Committees and Interest Groups around the world
    • Register now for the first event of the year, the 15th edition of the CEMS Waltzing Days in Vienna (13-15 January 2017)!
    • 250+ social and professional CEMS and CEMS partner events around the world, all year long

    CEMS Alumni Networks

  • Career Opportunities

    CEMS and the CEMS Alumni Association offer powerful career services to get you the best job, career and personal development opportunities around the world.

    Online Mentoring (GAMP)

    • Use the online CEMS Global Advisory & Mentoring Platform
    • Paying CEMS Alumni Association members receive unlimited access to this career service
    • Access the CEMS GAMP here
    • The GAMP is a CEMS-exclusive online platform, launched in 2014, where CEMS Alumni and Students can receive career advice from experienced CEMS Alumni professionals from around the world
    • Advice services offered are resume and cover letter critiques, general career and regional advice conversations and mock-interviews

    In-person Mentoring (SAMP)

      • Become a mentor to CEMS students by joining the Student Alumni Mentoring Program at one of the 30 CEMS Schools
      • Current CEMS Students are connected to a local CEMS Mentor to receive mentoring advice
      • To get involved in SAMP, contact the relevant CEMS Schools’ program management, CEMS Club and/or Alumni Local Committee

      CEMS Career Forum

      • CEMS Alumni can participate in the annual CEMS Career Forum attended by CEMS Corporate Partner company representatives, CEMS students and fellow CEMS alumni to find jobs and new career opportunities
      • Alumni with between 0 and 5 years of professional experience are invited to apply for pre-scheduled interviews

      CEMS Online Job Market

      • The online job market centralises a spectrum of international job offers, including those from CEMS Corporate Partners and alumni entrepreneurs. Visit the online Job Market

      NB: Currently the CEMS online job market is mostly catered to serve CEMS Students. CEMS Corporate Partners have indicated interest in recruiting more CEMS alumni, specifically mid level management and senior executives. In 2016 the CAA has therefore started to work with the CEMS Head Office, CEMS Corporate Partners and CEMS Alumni at Corporate Partners to set-up an Alumni Ambassadors program, to build a new and improved online job market for alumni

    • News and Knowledge

      Be updated about the latest thought leadership and on what knowledge and opportunities are available for you in the global CEMS network.

      CEMS Magazine

      • Paying CAA Members receive a print edition of the CEMS Magazine delivered on their doorstep
      • The Magazine brings you news and the perspective of all CEMS stakeholders, (academics, corporate partners, students and alumni) on relevant business topics and activities and events in the global CEMS community


      • Global eNewsletter from the CAA Board with updates about strategy, non-profit volunteer opportunities and new services four times per year and local eNewsletters from your Local Committees

    • Give back and Strengthen your Alumni Network

      Your membership investment not only connects you with fellow alumni better, but also supports the CEMS Alumni Association (CAA) to provide CEMS alumni as well as CEMS students a strong and connected CEMS community and an array of valuable events, activities and services. 

      We cannot do this without your invaluable financial support and hundreds of CEMS Alumni mentors and volunteers non-profit CAA Board Members around the world.

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       –> Timeline since 1993

       –> Global CAA Team and Staff