CEMS Alumni Association

The CEMS Alumni Association (or “CAA”), a non-profit founded in 1993, is the official body engaging and representing the largest stakeholder group within the CEMS Global Alliance in Management Education: the CEMS alumni.

V2-CEMS-alumni-1990-2016-growth-number Our global community consists of 12,033 alumni, from 96 nationalities, working in 75+ countries, speaking 60+ languages.

Today we’re growing at a high pace as 1,000+ students graduate with a CEMS Master in International Management from one of the 30 CEMS Academic Member Schools each year.

Vision (Our aspiration)

Within 5 years (2020) the CAA will be one of the most respected, valued and influential Alumni Associations in the world.

Mission (Our reason to exist)

To engage CEMS Alumni to be invested in a CEMS community that is connected with, enriched by and proud of its graduates enabling shared understanding, mutual value creation and giving back, through the offering of a lifelong CEMS experience, network and opportunities, serving all CEMS members and society.

Since its creation in 1993 the CAA has pursued three main goals in order to offer a lifelong CEMS experience for all our alumni:

  • Create and maintain friendly lasting contacts among CEMS Alumni and other CEMS stakeholders
  • Provide Alumni with a professional network and opportunities
  • Promote the CEMS MIM degree, CEMS experience and brand in general

    In 2014 the CAA, in line with the CAA professionalisation strategy, added four additional goals:

    • Engage Alumni in contributing to and creating meaningful and value-creating activities, events and opportunities with all CEMS stakeholders
    • Create CAA awareness amongst all CEMS stakeholders and increase mutual understanding, cooperation and respect
    • Promote lifelong learning for its members
    • Contribute to the global economic and human development