Foundation: CAA founded as non-profit Association in France

  • CAA founded as non-profit Association in France
    1. Offer the growing group of CEMS Alumni a lifelong experience
    2. Promote and strengthen the CEMS brand
    3. Build the network and attract new excellent students
    • 1st Founder & President ’93-’95: Andrea Castronovo (CEMS ’89-’90 Bocconi/HEC | VP BMW Group)

    CAA grows to 16 Local Committees

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    • More and more CEMS Alumni become active to support the CAA mission and be active in the CEMS community
    • The first CAA Local Committee is launched in Germany. In 1985 the PIM Club opens in Germany; with the establishment of the CEMS Master in 1989, the club renames itself to PIM & CEMS Student and Alumni Club Cologne. Upon foundation of the CAA the PIM & CEMS Club joins the CAA as its first Local Committee 
    • Not much later in 1993 the second CAA Local Committee is launched in Austria
    • Two new LCs are launched in 1995: LC Netherlands and LC Switzerland.
    • Twelve LCs follow suit and are launched between 1996 and 1998: BelgiumCzech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

      SAMP is launched

      The Student Alumni Mentorship is designed to actively develop the CEMS alumni network by advising future CEMS alumni on their professional career planning and create more interaction between CEMS alumni and CEMS students.


      First CAA Local Committee outside Europe launches in the USA

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        • The CAA goes outside of Europe for the first time through the launch of an LC in the United States of America in New York.

      CEMS Alumni community exceeds 5000

      • The total number of CEMS alumni exceed 5000 after the CEMS Annual Events and graduation ceremony in Cologne, hosted by CEMS Academic Member School the University of Cologne.

      CEMS Executive Board Task Force identifies Alumni as major under-utilised and unique branding opportunity

      • The CEMS Communication & Branding Task Force identifies CEMS Alumni as unique under-utilised branding opportunity and recommends CEMS to:
        • Re-engage and re-energise CEMS Alumni with the CEMS brand
        • Re-establish the emotional bond between CEMS and CEMS Alumni
        • Aim to turn Alumni into “educated ambassadors of CEMS and the CEMS degree”
        • The CEMS Executive Board assigns funding to an external consultant to provide CEMS and the CAA with a 5-year plan for CAA professionalisation

        5-year CAA professionalisation plan approved by CEMS Executive Board and CAA General Assembly

        • The CEMS Executive Board and CAA General Assembly approve:
          • The 5-year plan for CEMS Alumni Association professionalisation,
          • Increase of 50% in CAA membership, and
          • Co-funding of hire of dedicated CAA staff
          • Under the condition that the CAA changes its governance structure and gives a voice to CEMS in its governance body.

          First CAA Global Groups launch, new CAA Statutes and Governance approved and new Board installed

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          • CEMS and CAA co-design new CAA statutes and governance to include CAA staff and enlarge the CAA Board, also including CEMS stakeholder representatives

          CAA hires first full-time staff and initiates the 5-year CAA professionalisation plan

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          • CAA Board hires first full-time CAA staff: CAA Executive Director
          • Hire of CAA Executive Director kickstarts the implementation of the 5-year CAA professionalisation plan
          • The CAA and CEMS Student Board sign a formal cooperation agreement
          • The CAA celebrates its 20th anniversary at the CEMS Annual Events at Barcelona
          • Launch of the “CEMS Alumni of the Year” campaign together with the CEMS Student Board

          CAA hires second full-time staff, online Mentoring Platform GAMP is launched, CAA continues to grow and increases cooperation with CEMS Corporate Partners

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          • CAA hires its second full-time staff: CAA Executive Director Assistant
          • CAA launches online mentoring platform: The Global Advisory and Mentoring Platform (GAMP)
          • GG CEMS Entrepreneurs hosts first multiple CEMS stakeholders event –> CEMS Entrepreneurs networking event at Google Campus with LC UK and CEMS Corporate Partner Google
          • CAA organizes the first CAA Networking Lunch and Thought Leadership event together with CEMS Corporate Partner McKinsey & Company at the CEMS Annual Events in Brussel, hosted by Louvain School of Management
          • CAA receives first time global corporate support and sponsoring from CEMS Corporate Partner ABB

          CAA continues to grow stronger. Crossing the 10,000+ Alumni milestone!

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          • CEMS Strategic Board announces CEMS Alumni to become a CEMS strategic priority
          • CEMS and CAA start in-depth review of 5-year plan to prepare CEMS Executive Board and CAA General Assembly for decision-making on the next three years of the plan
            • CEMS Executive Board approves increased funding to the CEMS Alumni Association
            • CEMS Executive Board approves CAA Executive Director and CAA Board Member positions in Executive Board and three of its Committees (Globalisation, Marketing & Corporate Partner committee)
            • CEMS Executive Board installs CEMS Executive Board Alumni Task Force to define common objectives for alumni engagement performed by the CAA for CEMS going forward
            • CAA General Assembly takes note and supports CEMS Executive Board decision-making
          • Global CEMS Alumni population crosses 10,000 alumni milestone, total CEMS 10,751 alumni from 96 nationalities, after the CEMS graduation ceremony in St. Petersburg
          • CAA organises second CAA Networking Lunch and Thought Leadership event together with CEMS Corporate Partner McKinsey & Company at the CEMS Annual Events in St. Petersburg, hosted by GSOM
          • 900+ CEMS Alumni Mentors and 300+ mentor/ mentee matches on the Global Advisory and Mentoring Platform (GAMP)
          • Launches of LC Shanghai, LC LuxembourgLC San Francisco/ Silicon ValleyLC Hong Kong, LC India and GG CEMS International Development

          CEMS Executive Board Alumni Task Force launched, CEMS and CAA develop a common aligned action plan for engaging CEMS Alumni

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            • Global alumni population 12,033 
            • CEMS Executive Board Alumni Task Force launched. CEMS and CAA define common objectives for the next two CEMS years –> 2015-2016 and 2016-2017
            • CEMS Committee Chairs approve common objectives, but only approve the conditions (funding/ human resources) to make it work for 2015-2016, not for 2016-2017
            • CAA General Assembly responds that objectives can only be delivered if the conditions to make it work are put in place, otherwise reaching the objectives is not possible
            • CAA brings global alumni voice to CEMS by engaging the global Alumni community in:
              • defining the new vision for CEMS going forward
              • contributing to the CEMS brand study performed by CEMS Corporate Partner Universum and CEMS
            • Global Group CEMS Alumni PhD’s launched
            • CEMS Alumni Association website launched
            • In the September CAA General Assembly, CEMS and CAA leadership agree on a new common proposal. The proposal takes into account the feedback given by the CEMS Committee Chairs in Spring. More importantly, it provides insights on resources needed and the practical roadmap and timeline to implement this feedback and the feasibility to reach common objectives