The CAA is a federation of 30+ Alumni Associations around the world

Organised on a multi-country basis, the CEMS Alumni Association (CAA) is globally represented through:

  • A global office led by a full-time Executive Director and Assistant, &
  • A global Board of elected representatives.

The global CAA Board comprises eleven members:

  • 8 alumni members are elected every three years during the CEMS Annual Events; at least one of them is preferably representing a CEMS Corporate Partner;
  • The CAA Board also includes 3 other representatives from CEMS community stakeholders; the CEMS Executive Director, a CEMS Academic Member representative and a CEMS Student representative. 

The CAA is also present in each country through CEMS Alumni Association Local Committees (LCs) and Global Groups (GGs) driven by active CEMS Alumni. The Local Committee and Global Group Boards are elected every two years.

The CEMS Alumni voice in the CEMS Alumni Association:

  • CEMS Alumni Association General Assembly (global level)
    • Meets 1-3 times a year. The session in November-December always takes place;
    • Elected LC and GG Board Members vote on the future of the CAA, budget, objectives, operations, priorities and elect the Global CAA Board;
    • All alumni and other stakeholders are invited to participate in the open session of the General Assembly in November- December to voice their ideas and concerns and to co-build the future of alumni engagement within the global CEMS community.
  • CEMS Alumni Association Local Committee General Assemblies (local level)
    • Several CEMS Alumni Association Local Committees are official registered non-profit entities in their country (e.g. Austria; Germany; Netherlands; Switzerland);
    • These LCs organise annual General Assemblies locally;
    • The LC General Assemblies are crucial in not only local decision-making, but also in global decision-making; as the elected LC Board Members represent the Alumni voice of their local constituents globally and take into account and communicate the global strategy and priorities to their local members.

The CEMS Alumni voice in the CEMS Global Alliance:

The CEMS Alumni Association represents the global CEMS Alumni voice and interests of the global CEMS Alumni community to the CEMS Global Alliance in Management Education in the following way:

  • CEMS Strategic Board:
    • Takes place 1-2 times a year. May session always takes place;
    • Global CAA Board President is a permanent member (no vote – under discussion). 
  • CEMS Executive Board:
    • Takes place 1-2 times a year; November-December session always takes place;
    • Global CAA Board President and Vice-President (one vote) and CAA Executive Director (no vote) are permanent members.
  • CEMS Global Committees:
    • CEMS Executive Director and/ or another assigned CEMS Alum represents the CEMS Alumni global community in the CEMS Globalisation Committee, CEMS Marketing Committee, CEMS Corporate Partner Committee;
    • The CAA is at this moment not represented in the CEMS Quality Assurance Committee, or the CEMS Finance Committee. 

In addition, senior alumni at CEMS Corporate Partners can become members of the CEMS Strategic Board, Executive Board and Committees. These Alumni are first and foremost representatives of the Corporate Partner, but they of course bring the Alumni perspective to the table that is so highly valuable to CEMS and its success to engage this stakeholder group in a strong common future.