Humans of CEMS: How my internship at the Permanent Mission of Finland to the UN went during the current crisis

Today, in our series Humans of CEMS, we would like to introduce Elina, from Aalto University, who is currently working at the Permanent Mission of Finland to the UN. What was supposed to be an internship focusing on International Labour Organisation turned out to be one exciting journey throughout the international governance crisis management of COVID-19. She had the incredible chance to look behind the scenes of how major decisions were made and the crisis was handled and is taking us a little bit through the exciting journey she had in the past few months.

What were your expectations working for the Permanent Mission of Finland to the UN?

26 May 2020

Why Future Leaders Should Look To South Africa For Insights

This does not look like the obvious time for a new venture in the world of management education. The focus tends to be on how business schools — already under some pressure — are having to batten down the hatches and change how they do things in the wake of the disruption that is dominating the attention of the organisations on which they depend. And yet … this could be just the time for a fresh perspective. Certainly, this is how academics involved with the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business becoming the first business school in sub-Saharan Africa to join CEMS — the Global Alliance in Management Education — are seeing the move. Read on in Forbes:

25 May 2020

CEMS Student Board meeting on Zoom

The CEMS Student Board held its first out of three
annual meetings of 2020 from 24th of April to 29th of
April. Initially, this meeting was supposed to take place at GSOM in St.
Petersburg. Unfortunately, these difficult times connected with COVID-19 and
travel restrictions affected us as well, and the Student Board was forced to
move meeting to a virtual form.

During this meeting, the Student Board discussed pressing topics related to cooperation with social and corporate partners, alumni relations, current job market and many other questions, which were

18 May 2020

Humans of CEMS: How a pandemic situation can change your whole life in just two weeks.

Today, in our series Humans of CEMS, we would like to introduce you to Max Stefański, who is CEMS student 2019/20 from Poland. His home University is SGH Warsaw School of Economics and he was lucky enough to do his exchange in Autumn at Corvinus University Budapest. He loves travelling and he planned to do at least two trips outside Europe this year, well… Fortunately, he has more passions, one of which is music. For this one luckily, he has no constraints when being stuck at home 🙂

How does the coronavirus crisis impact on your daily routine? How does your life change in case of covid-19?

14 May 2020

Model UNFCCC – CEMS Climate Strategy Roleplay Continues as Scheduled

While the COP26 was postponed due to Covid-19, a group of 150 venturesome CEMS business students & faculty went ahead with a 48 hour all-online version of the Model UNFCCC climate negotiations over the weekend.

The event included a very similar level of energy in the room, compared to the physical version of the event successfully been taught for over a decade.

12 May 2020