Global CEMS Alumni Week

The 2nd edition of the CEMS Global Alumni

Week on 20-26 March 2017 was a great success.

Stay tuned for 2018 edition in the week of

16-22 April 2018 for a series of inspiring and fun

events around the globe, including a centrally

hosted webinar and local professional and

social events with other CEMS Stakeholders.


A Truly Global Network

31 Local Committees

7 Global Groups

250+ Alumni events each year

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Career and Service

CEMS Alumni Association provides CEMS

Alumni and students professional career

service. Leverage on one of the

most powerful alumni networks in world!

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Experience the CEMS Waltzing Days 2018 in Vienna

The CEMS Alumni Association Austria and the CEMS Club Vienna are happy to invite you to the CEMS Waltzing Days 2018, which will take place from the 11th to 14th of January 2018. This CEMS event is will be held for the 16th consecutive year and has established itself as an absolute must within the […]

Global Alumni Local Committees




Truly global CEMS has selected the best talents from all different parts of the world and backgrounds. The CEMS Alumni Association hosts local chapters from 31 different countries and 4 Professional and Interest Groups.

Top Ranked

CEMS 4th place position in the Financial Times 2015 ranking on Masters in Management and the successful careers and contributions to society by our Alumni are a clear and strong showcase of CEMS commitment to excellence and to the values of those who chose to study the CEMS Master’s in International Management.


The CEMS MIM postgraduate degree aims to attract high-calibre, internationally minded and multilingual students. The global CEMS Alumni network is incredibly diverse and comprises of Alumni of 91 nationalities, living in over 75 countries, speaking 60+ languages.

World Class in the World

CEMS Alumni are placed all over the world and work in many different multinational companies across the globe. Our most recent study shows 49% of CEMS Alumni work abroad and 50% work or have worked for CEMS Corporate Partners.

Corporate Partners

CEMS is a global alliance of leading business schools, multinational companies and NGOs that together offer the CEMS Master’s in International Management (MIM). 50% of the CEMS Alumni have worked or working at the CEMS Corporate Partners, making the CEMS community a valuable network for every CEMS stakeholder.


The CAA was founded in 1993, as a non-profit Association. Since its creation the CAA has become an inclusive, dynamic, and powerful organisation by pursuing three main goals:

-Create and maintain friendly lasting contact among CEMS Alumni;

-Provide exclusive access to a professional network and opportunities for our members;

-Support and promote the CEMS MIM degree, CEMS experience and brand globally.

About Us

The CEMS Alumni Association (CAA) is the representative body of the global CEMS Alumni community, the largest stakeholder group in the CEMS the Global Alliance in Management Education It is also the coordinative body of 200+ active CEMS alumni Board member volunteers around the world.

Organised on a multi-country basis, the CAA is globally led by a CAA Executive Director and a Board of 11 members, including 8 alumni volunteers, the CEMS Executive Director, one Academic Member School representative and one Student Board representative.

The CAA is present in each country through Local Committees (LCs). Today there are 30+ LCs worldwide, in 5 continents. In addition, a growing number of Alumni connect with each other through global Interest Groups (IGs), such as CEMS Entrepreneurs and CEMS International Development, or through CEMS Alumni networks within CEMS Corporate Partners.

The CAA organises unforgettable local, regional and global professional and social events for the CEMS community around the world.

  • Community

    We foster the CEMS spirit among its stakeholders and are building a local network amongst alumni, schools, students, and corporate partners.

  • Career Building

    We enable the CEMS alumni to leverage on the global CEMS network to get access to the support throughout their career and provide them with exclusive business opportunities.

  • Awareness

    We promote the CEMS Alumni Community around the world and let it be known for what it is: The world’s most supportive and diverse Alumni network.

  • Entertainment

    We believe in a proper work life balance. We don’t only work hard (and smart), we also play hard. The CEMS Alumni Network brings you 200+ professional and fun events no matter where you are in the world.